Preservation of archives is a proper and natural function of government. Public records are public property, and stewardship over records is a government responsibility. Like other public assets, the City's records are held in trust for the citizens,by custodians, that is, the heads of city departments.

Once permanent records are no longer required for current business, they must be transferred to the City Archives. Here they are protected and permanently preserved as historical, cultural and legal assets for use by City government and the public.

The City Archives, administered by the City Clerk’s Office, is charged with a special role in protecting and managing the recorded information of the City of Everett. The mission of the City Archives, created by the Statutes of the Commonwealth, Chapter 68, Acts of 1988, is to protect and preserve the permanent official public records of Everett municipal government since its founding in 1870, to document, arrange and provide day to day access to these archives, and to assist city departments with cost effective records management practices.