Approved Snack List

We recommend that you eat a healthy snack in between your meals during the day, making sure you are eating every three hours. Snacks are not included with meals, but they are mere suggestions!
1. Almonds or nuts (15-20 each)
2. 0% Plain Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup of berries.
3. Rice cake with 1 Tbsp. of all-natural peanut butter. 
4. 1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1/4 cup pineapple. 
5. A light cheese stick with 6 small whole wheat crackers.
6. 1/4 cup hummus with sliced veggies or carrots. 
7. Whey protein drink (no more than 2 a day).
8. Skinny Pop Popcorn (2 cups)
9. Two rice cakes topped with 2 Tbsp. hummus and sliced cucumber. 
10. 1/2 cups of shelled edamame. 
11. 1 medium apple with a light cheese stick. 
12. Laughing Cow Cheese wedge with whole wheat crackers. 
13. 1 cup frozen green grapes.
14. Celery sticks dipped in cottage cheese (1/2 cup).