Class Descriptions

Body Blast: A 60-minute calorie burning workout that incorporates interval cardio and body sculpting. This total-body targets muscles from head to toe - building strength and endurance, while improving flexibility. Light weights are used to shape and tone refining body alignment and posture. 

Boot Camp: A 45 minute A popular interval class that mixes calisthenics and body weight exercises, with cardio and strength training, Each class is different to try to push our members to push harder. You will have tons of fun, while experiencing some high intensity training.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): Also known as Tabata, or Burst Training, takes an interval style approach. This workout is designed to train the total body and is super intense. This class is 30 minutes of nonstop Core /Cardio training. 

Hip Hop Step: This class combines the classic, medium to high intensity, step cardio workout with basic step aerobics choreographed routines, but takes standard hi/lo aerobics moves and gives them a bit of an upbeat style. Set to the latest hip-hop music, this class will give you a work-out. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Powerflow Yoga: A 45 minute class, held in the fitness room. A fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style flow. Students will focus on linking the techniques of yoga with the pace of an active training style class.. In a power yoga class, students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work.

Spinning: A stationary group cycling class taught on specially designed bikes; class is set to motivating music and offers intense cardiovascular training; for both beginners and seasoned athletes, spinning will strengthen and tone body and mind. 

Spinning Boot Camp: A stationary group cycling class taught on specially designed bikes. The class is set with motivating music and offers intense cardiovascular training for both beginners and seasoned athletes. Spinning will in fact strengthen and tone your body and mind!  

Strength Camp*: (advanced) Be ready for intense Interval training with weights and calisthenics. The one stop body shock that combines easy, yet effective cardio routines, interlaced with weights and resistance work. Resistance, intervals, power, plyomoterics, and endurance.

Strength & Tone: This 45 minute all over body workout is designed to strengthen and tone major muscle groups, while burning calories! Each class will have a warm-up, short cardio component, strength-training exercises and cool-down.  We will use a combination of hand weights and floor work to work the entire body.  This class provides a nice mix for all fitness levels.

Strong:   STRONG is a high intensity interval training workout driven by the science of Synced Music Motivation. Unlike all other workouts, STRONG does not just create moves based on a playlist. Instead, STRONG crafts and reverse engineers the songs to match every move, driving the intensity in a challenging progression that provides a total body workout. The result is a group fitness experience unlike any other. STRONG incorporates body weight, kick boxing, and boot camp style movements throughout the class - all perfectly synced to the music throughout the four quadrants. This class will push you past you limits to help you reach your fitness goals faster. Using your own body weight, you will gain muscular endurance, tone, and definition.

Synergy 360: This circuit class will utilize the multi-functional machine station in the middle of the Center. This will class will help build strength and power, focusing on the total-body! 

Total Body Strength & Resist: Is a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, aerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles. TRX type workout as you increase total-body flexibility, promote mobility and stability and develop core strength.

Turbo Spin: Push Physical Limits with a short, but highly intense workout. It will not be limited to but includes lots of sprints & climbs. Get fierce & fast in just 30 minutes.

Yoga: Aside from the array of physical benefits, yoga is the best benefit, especially in managing stress, which has been known to have the most devastating effects on the body and mind. This class will help you develop coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life! 

WOD: Workout of the day. A cross-fit like training session that builds you to become strong and uses different dynamics to train your body

: A fusion of Latin and international music dance themes creating dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system. The routines feature aerobic and fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. 

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