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Posted on: January 4, 2021

Confused on which side to park during a parking ban? Find your answers here!


We know it can be a little confusing, knowing which side to park on and why during parking bans and/or snow emergencies. So, we thought we would take a minute and explain how it is decided and what constitutes how a “snow season” is declared.


Snow seasons run from December 1st to April 1st.The side that you park on is decided by the number of the year in which the snow season ENDS.

If it is an ODD year then you park on the ODD side.

if it is an EVEN year you park on the EVEN side.

 What that means is the address numbers on one side of the street are always odd and the other side are always even so you know which side to park on simply by looking at any address on that particular street, or your own.


Now in December 2020 (an even year) you might say “oh, it’s December 2020 so I need to park on the EVEN side”, that would be incorrect.

Remember we declare the snow season by the year in which it ENDS on April 1st.

 For an instance we’ll use the current snow season 2021. This is an ODD year so you park on the odd side. You might then say, “why not just have people park on the side of the current year, isn’t that easier to remember?”.


Well, yes it is but we cannot do that due to the fact that if it snows on December 31st for example, and the snow is still on the ground with snowbanks and parking spots having been formed. What do we do when January 1st comes and the year turns to a different numbered year?  There would be no room to park on the other side and it would be very chaotic.


So then some might say “well we’ll just wait until it melts and then switch sides”, living in New England we all know that isn’t going to work.

Also, some might take advantage during any “waiting” period and park wherever they want and legally not be liable.


Thus, we need to declare one year for the entire snow season, and the year in which it ends is the best choice, since the heaviest months for snow are January and February and March.


So, if you are ever in November or December and unsure of which side to park, just remember what next year is and you will be all set.

 I think January, February and March speak for themselves!


Thank you all and we hope this helped you to understand snow season parking!


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