Inspectional Services 

484 Broadway
Room 26
Everett, MA 02149



Link: Inspectional Services Department Page

Name Title Email Phone
DeBilio, Annette Administrative Assistant/Building/Licensing 617-944-0211
Desmond, Michael Assistant Building Inspector 617-394-2222
Lane, George Local Building Inspector 617-394-2422
Pomer, John Plumbing and Gas Inspector 617-394-2223
Rauseo, Kim Adminstrative Assistant/Zoning Board of Appeals 617-381-7445
Soper, James CBO, Director of Inspectional Services 617-394-2224
Yebba, Linda Administrative Assistant/Code Enforcement 617-394-2249
Furtado, Martin Building Inspector 617-394-2265
Cornelio, Jackie 617-944-0235
Aliberti, Ed Weights and Measures 617-394-2429

Code Enforcement 

Everett, MA 02149

Everett, MA 02149

Name Title Email Phone
Nuzzo, Frank Director of Code Enforcement 617-394-2227
DeMato, John "Mickey" Code Enforcement Inspector 617-394-2283
Mastrocola, Michael Code Enforcement Inspector 617-394-2283
Staffieri, Louis Food Inspector 617-394-2338
Sikora, Peter Code Enforcement Inspector 617-394-2264
Gooding, Dennis Code Enforcement Inspector 617-394-2264


Everett, MA 02149

Link: Wire Division Page

Name Title Email Phone
Dell Isola, Ken Signal Maintainer 617-394-2218
Schena, Louie Superintendent of Wires 617-394-2218
Connors, Richard Electrical & Wire Inspector 617-394-2219