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  A comprehensive listing of the most commonly requested City services.

Absentee Voting
Agendas – City Council
Animal Control
Assessors Database

Birth Certificates
Block Party Permit
Boards, Commissions & Committees
Boys/Girls Club
Building Codes
Building Inspections
Building Permits
Bulk Household Items Removal
Business Certificates
Business Licenses
Business Development

Calendar of Events
Census/Demographic Info
Certificate of Habitability
Christmas Tree Sales Permit
City Charter
City Clerk
City Council
City Departments
City Ordinances
City Services
Code Violations
Council on Aging
Crime Line

Death Certificates
Debris, on vacant lots
Demographic Information
Dog License

Economic Development Elected Officials
Election Information
Employment, City
Energize Everett

Farmers Market
Fire Prevention
First Time Homeowner
Flowering Plants Sales Permit
Food Pantries
Fuel Assistance


Handicap Parking Signs
Hazardous Waste, Household
Home Occupation Certificate

Illegal Apartments, Report
Junior Police Academy

Leash Law
Liquor Licenses

Marriage License
Mayor's Office

News Releases

Online Bill Pay

Parking Tickets
Permits & Licenses
Personal Property Tax
Phone Directory
Planning Board
Police Forms
Police Reports
Pooper Scooper Law
Pothole, Report a
Property Information

Raffle Permits
Recreation Center
Recycle Bank
Request for Services
Residential Parking Stickers

Smoke Detectors
Snow Removal
Street Light Outages
Street Sweeping

Tax Abatement
Tax Exemptions
Texas Hold 'em Permits
Trash Collection
Trash Complaints



Voter Registration


Yard Waste Collection


Helpful Links

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