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Updated as of 1/23/2014


Chapter 1 - General Provision
Chapter 1A - Legislature
Chapter 2 - Administration
Chapter 3 - Animals
Chapter 4 - Building and Building Regulations
Chapter 5 - Cemeteries and Burials
Chapter 6 - Civil Defense
Chapter 7 - Finance and Taxation
Chapter 8 - Fire Prevention and Protection
Chapter 9 - Flood Damage Prevention
Chapter 10 - Health and Sanitation
Chapter 11 - Libraries
Chapter 12 - Licenses and Business Regulations
Chapter 12A - Sign Ordinances

Chapter 13 - Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 13A - Code Enforcement
Chapter 13B Maintenance Foreclosed Residential Property
Chapter 14 - Police Department
Chapter 15 - Sanitary Sewers and Storm Drains
Chapter 15A - Discharges To The Storm Drain System
Chapter 16 - Solid Waste Management
Chapter 17 - Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 18 - Traffic and Motor Vehicles
Chapter 19 - Veterans
Chapter 20 - Water
Chapter 21 - Weights and Measures

Complete Ordinance File (310 pages)

Special Acts

General Laws Accepted by the City

If you have any questions please contact the City Clerks Office at 617-394-2225 or email the City Clerk Michael Matarazzo

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