General Public Health:

Mass in Motion (MiM): Prevention of overweight and obesity in Massachusetts
Commonwealth Conversations: Massachusetts Department of Public Health blog
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF): Commission to build a healthier America
Massachusetts Partnership for Healthy Communities: To build safer, healthier communities
Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Recreation and Transportation:

Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC): Planning Agency for the Boston metro area
Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA): To protect and restore the Mystic River
Bike to the Sea: Building the Northern Strand Community Trail from Malden, MA to Revere, MA
Rails to Trails Conservancy: Creating a national network of trails from former rail lines
Livable Streets Alliance: Promotes transit, walking and biking in urban Boston
WalkBoston: Dedication to improving walking conditions in Massachusetts towns
WalkScore: Ranking of America’s most walkable cities
Safe Routes Tip Sheet: Assessing safe walking and bicycling routes
Mystic River Corridor Strategy: Sustainable development in the Lower Mystic Valley

Healthy Food

Healthy City Fall River: Improving the health and quality of life of those who live in Fallriver
Shape Up Somerville: Citywide campaign to increase physical activity and healthy eating
Holyoke Food & Fitness Council: Improving access to healthy food and exercise options
Groundwork Somerville: Promotes sustainable development and revitalization of the community
Farm to School: Connecting K-12 schools with produce from local farmers
CDC StairWELL to Better Health: Using the stairs at work to increase physical activity


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Health Equity Framework

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Weekly Wellness

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to receive a plot in the community garden one must download an application off of the Everett Community Growers website, fill it out, and drop it off at Energize Everett, the Connolly Center, or the Parlin Library. If you are unable to download a copy please visit Energize Everett for an application. For more information call 617-394-7632. Gardener Application

Working with its partners, Energize Everett created a Joint Use Agreement between the City of Everett and the Everett Public Schools that opened an elementary school gymnasium for community use in the evening.

Energize Everett along with Recreation Director Sam Amado helped create Family Fitness Night programming to offer a variety of activities to children and their families to have fun while being active together. The idea took off!

Now on Wednesdays or Thursdays from February through April 2015, parents and children can gather for activities, including tag, relay racing, dancing, jump rope, and more.

Energize Everett, with the help of the Mayor’s Office and the Everett Public Schools have expanded the program to include the Madeline English School and the new Community Health and Wellness Center. For more information call 617-394-2266.

The Everett Farmers Market is located in the Everett Square Municipal parking lot, next to Braza Grill from June 24, 2015 through October 28, 2015 from 1:30-6:30 p.m.