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City Arborist

Posting Date: Open Until Filled
Department: Planning & Development
Location: 484 Broadway, Everett, MA
Vacancies: 1
Salary: Up to $75,000
Schedule: Full-Time-35 hours per week
Shift: (flexible schedule) Day


About the City of Everett

A desirable place to live, work, and visit, the City of Everett, prides itself on its progress while remaining dedicated to future possibilities. Home to over 50,000 residents, Everett is known for its rich culture, diverse population, and welcoming atmosphere. A once industrial City, Everett is now recognized as a melting pot for residents and newcomers alike and is committed to increasing green space and resiliency.

Job Overview

As a City Tree Warden in Massachusetts, you will be responsible for overseeing the management, care, and preservation of trees within the City. Your primary duties will include assessing tree health, coordinating tree maintenance and planting programs, enforcing tree-related regulations, and promoting community engagement in urban forestry initiatives. You will work closely with City officials, residents, and other stakeholders to ensure the proper management and protection of the urban forest. Since the City of Everett is an Environmental Justice Community with a limited tree canopy and impervious land surface over 90% contributing to our high heat index, you will focus on expanding a wholistic, sustainable, tree plantings plan throughout Everett.


  • Assess the health, stability, and condition of trees within the City, identifying potential risks and hazards.
  • Develop and implement tree maintenance plans, including pruning, trimming, and removal, to ensure the safety and health of the urban forest.
  • Coordinate and oversee tree planting programs, including species selection, site preparation, and community involvement.
  • Enforce tree-related regulations, permits, and ordinances, ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal laws.
  • Collaborate with city departments, contractors, and volunteers to execute tree care operations efficiently and effectively.

City Arborist

  • Able to work weekends occasionally and respond to tree-related emergencies, such as storm damage or hazardous tree situations, in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Educate and engage the community and city leaders on the benefits of urban forestry, tree care practices, and the importance of preserving the urban forest in order to combat Everett’s Heat Island Effect.
  • Work with 311 and DPW to adapt a streamlined approach for managing tree requests from residents so that they are answered promptly.
  • Coordinate tree hearings, public notices, and permitting, in accordance to state law.
  • Provide guidance and support to residents, businesses, and organizations regarding tree-related inquiries, concerns, and requests.
  • Maintain accurate records of tree assessments, maintenance activities, and community engagement efforts.
  • Update city websites and collaborate with the Communications Department to help spread information about ongoing tree programs.
  • Stay updated on the latest arboriculture practices, urban forestry research, and industry trends.
  • All other duties as assigned.


  • Proven experience in urban forestry, arboriculture, or a related field.
  • Extensive knowledge of tree species, diseases, pests, and treatment methods relevant to Massachusetts.
  • Familiarity with local, state, and federal tree-related regulations and permits.
  • Strong understanding of tree care practices, pruning including ANSI A300 standards, planting, and maintenance techniques.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively engage with diverse stakeholders.
  • Ability to coordinate and manage tree care operations, including contractors and volunteers.
  • Proficiency in using computer software including PlanitGeo and other cloud base platforms that include tools for record-keeping and data analysis.
  • Physical stamina and ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions and be able to lift 100 lbs.
  • Valid driver’s license and clean driving record.
  • Ability to manage planting grants and additional funding opportunities.


  • Certified, or significantly worked towards a Arborist Certifications from a recognized organization including an International Society of Arboriculture and a Massachusetts Certified Arborist authorization.
  • Degree in Urban Forestry, Arboriculture, Horticulture, or a related field.

Note: This job description is intended to provide a general overview of the responsibilities and requirements of the City Tree Warden position in Massachusetts. It is not exhaustive and may be subject to change based on the needs of the city or specific job location.

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