Board of Assessors
The Board of Assessors is charged with accurately determining the value of all real and personal property located within the City of Everett for the purpose of taxation.

The board determines and rules on abatements and exemptions to be granted.

The assessors are also obligated by state law to assess all real property at its full and fair cash values as of January 1 of each year. Full and fair cash value is defined as 100% of the property’s fair market value.

It is the price an owner willing but not under compulsion to sell and to receive from 1 willing but not under compulsion to buy. Full and fair cash value is the applied constitutional and statutory standard that protects the property owner’s right to pay only his fair share of the tax burden.

Assessors Department
The Assessors Department is responsible for the administration of all property tax record cards. It maintains accurate parcel ownership based upon recorded property transactions at the Registry of Deeds, all map data pertinent to accurate parcel identification, and field visits to all properties for construction details of all buildings within the City.

The Assessing Department is also responsible for motor vehicle excise and boat excise. Motor vehicle excise data is forwarded to the Assessor’s Office from the Registry of Motor Vehicles several times per year, which generates the excise bills. The bills correspond to the information of every registered vehicle in Everett.

Adjustments to the excise tax are performed at the Assessor's Office when an exemption or abatement is warranted.