Conservation Commission


To protect the wetlands of the City by controlling the activities deemed to have a significant effect upon wetland values, including but not limited to the following: public or private water supply, groundwater, flood control, erosion control, storm damage prevention, water pollution, fisheries, shellfish, wildlife, recreations and aesthetics. The control of activities is achieved through permitting required under Chapter 131 Section 40 of Massachusetts General Laws (The Wetlands Protection Act).

The Everett Conservation Commission is a five member board which oversees the protection of wetlands and other water bodies in the City. Through the Wetlands Protection Act (WPA), the Commission reviews permit applications for development and construction work within the buffer zone of the Mystic, Malden and Island End Rivers in the City.

Everett was designated a Green Community in December 2014 and received $307,175 from the Commonwealth’s Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to implement energy efficiency measures. The City will utilize this funding to purchase and retrofit the City’s streetlights to LED technology. This is projected to save the City more than $200,000 a year in energy savings.

The City is embarking on an Energy Services Contract with AMERESCO to identify addtional efficiency and energy cost saving measures in municipally owned buildings. AMERESCO completed a Preliminary Energy Audit (PEA) in 2014 and the City is in the process of choosing measures to take to reduce its energy bill.


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The Everett Conservation Commission meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7pm, in the Keverian Room on the 3rd floor of Everett City Hall, 484 Broadway, Everett MA.

All materials for the agenda items must be sent to the Conservation Agent two weeks prior to the meeting.

Council Members

Rita E. Hashem

Eamon Kernan

Carl Colson

Jon Norton

Maeve Kernan

Daryl Colson

Vacant – Alternate

Forms and Applications

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Habitat at Rivergreen Park

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ADA Self Assessment and Transition Plan

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CLEANAIR in Everett

Learn about a 3-year experiment about air quality being conducted in Everett by MyRWA and funded by the EPA!

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Community Development & Housing

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Department of Transportation and Mobility

In its efforts to improve transportation in the City, the Transportation Planning Division is undertaking various planning initiatives that result in both policy recommendations and also physical infrastructure improvements to our streets, paths and transit network.

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Everett Community Food Assessment & Plan

This Plan assesses the strengths and weaknesses of Everett’s food system and is meant to compel and guide action by municipal officials and staff, allied community organizations and their members, and all Everett residents for whom public health and equity is a priority.

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Everett First Time Homebuyers’ Resources

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Everett Riverfront Vision Plan

The City of Everett has been working with Shadley Associates on the Everett Riverfront Vision Plan.

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Everett Roadway Safety Action Plan

In September 2022, the Mayor set a goal to end traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. To take steps to achieve this goal, the City of Everett has created this Safety Action Plan to provide information and direction on strategies and treatments most likely to improve roadway safety performance within the city.

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Everett’s Urban Tree Canopy

What to know about Everett’s tree plan?

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Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information readily available in order to improve the efficiency of municipal services.

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Hazard Mitigation Plan

The primary purpose of the HMP Plan Update is to help the City and community better prepare for natural disasters. A draft of the HMP 2021 Plan Update is now available for review and public comment.

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Island End River Flood Resilience Project

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Planning Board

The Planning Board is a five member body whose duties include regulating the subdivision of land, reviewing and making recommendations on zoning changes, creating and updating the City’s Master Plan, approving (or disapproving) applications for certain kinds of Special Permits and approving (or disapproving) applications for Site Plan Review.

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Request For Interest

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