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The mission of the 911 Communication Center is to provide the citizens of Everett with a reliable, state of the art 911 Emergency Telephone System. This service is granted through the public safety answering point (PSAP) by answering 911 calls originating from residences, business, and wireless devices. The end result is to ensure prompt emergency service for the citizens of Everett, and to provide effective public safety through the appropriate dispatching of fire, police and medical units in a most timely manner. The E911 Communication Department consists of 13 full-time dispatchers, as well as 1 part-time and 1 per diem.

Kids & 911

Teaching children the proper use of 911 is very important. Some of the things you can do as a parent is to cover some these basic pointers:

  • teach your children their full name, parents’ full names, home address and phone number with area code
  • teach your children what an emergency is and when to call 911
  • teach your children that it is against the law to call 911 as a joke or prank
  • teach your children to remain calm and answer all questions they’re asked
  • teach your children not to be afraid to call 911 if they need to
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