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The Encore Neighborhood Runner Shuttle is a joint service between the City of Everett and The Encore Casino. It is a free service that runs between the Encore Casino and Market Basket in Chelsea Via Everett Square and various other stops along the route shown here. It is operational between 8 a.m.–10:40 p.m every day and comes every 40 minutes.

Please find the full schedule at the following link:
Full Shuttle Schedule

Encore Neighborhood Runner Shuttle Service Map

Outbound/Eastbound Stops

Encore Casino

Nightshift Brewing: Opp 53 Santilli Hwy.

Rivergreen: Parking Lot Gazebo

MBTA Stop: Main St @ Baldwin Ave Southbound

MBTA Stop: Chelsea St @ Victoria St

MBTA Stop: Chelsea St opp Mead St

enVision Hotel

Market Basket/Silver Line

Inbound/Westbound Stops

Market Basket/Silver Line

Opposite enVision Hotel

MBTA Stop: Chelsea St @ Mead St

MBTA Stop: Everett Square

MBTA Stop: Main St @ Baldwin Ave Northbound

Rivergreen: Parking Lot Gazebo

In Front of Night Shift Brewing

Encore Casino

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