Parking Tickets

Violation Payment Policy

You have 21 days following the date of issue to pay a parking violation. Your payment may be made by mail or personally at the office of the Parking Clerk room 13 Everett City Hall, 484 Broadway. The office accepts payment in cash, money order, check (unless ticket is on registry hold), credit or debit. Please keep in mind; if paying by credit or debit a 3.5% service fee (starting at a $3.00 minimum) will be added to your total. Payments can also be made online at Kelly ryan.

If a payment is not received within 21 days, an overdue notice is mailed to the registered owner with an additional late fee of $5. Failure to pay the overdue notice by the due date will result in the non-renewal of the license and/ or registration of the registered owner. In addition, at that time another late fee of $10 is charged plus a surcharge of $20 for the registry handling.

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