Value Discrepancies

If your opinion of the value of your property differs from the assessed value, go to the Assessor’s Department and collect pertinent data to support your opinion.

The Board of Assessors will answer your questions about the assessment. When questioning the assessed value, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my data correct? (building measurements, land area, etc.)
  • Is my value in line with others on the street?
  • Is my value in line with prior calendar year sales prices in my neighborhood?

Sales prices
Sales prices of the prior calendar year, condition of the property, building area and lot area are the most critical factors in the valuation process. There is a variety of information available to assist you in determining whether your assessment is fair and equitable.

Abatement Application

If after your research, you feel your property is overvalued, your next step is to file an Abatement Application with the Board of Assessors.

Tax Bill Designation
Everett is a quarterly tax bill community. The first 2 bills issued (due August and November) are preliminary or estimated tax payments based on your prior year’s tax. The notice of the 3rd payment, referred to as the actual tax bill, is when the filing period for abatement applications commences.

The 3rd tax bill or actual bill is usually issued at the end of December. The application for abatement must be filed with the Board of Assessors no later than the February tax due date (usually February 1 unless that is a weekend or holiday), or have a United States Post office postmark of no later than February 1.

The information regarding the filing of abatement or exemption application is also on your tax bill. The application must be on file in the Assessor’s Department or have a U.S. post office postmark as of that date.

Remember, you are appealing your assessment/value not your taxes. You must timely pay your taxes pending the abatement request.

Receipt of Application

Once the application is time-stamped as received by the Assessing Department, it cannot be added to, changed or withdrawn – it is accepted as is, once it is stamped with the date received. The Board of Assessors will accept an addendum with additional information and attach it to the application, if necessary. Make sure you make a case, give reasons you feel it is overvalued.

If you have a question, please come in for an application or contact the Assessors Department and an application will be mailed to you.

Abatement Request Denied

You will receive a notice indicating your application was denied. You may appeal to the State Appellate Tax Board (ATB) within 3 months of the date of the Assessors decision which will be on your denial notice. Their phone number is 617-727-3100 for more information or you can visit their website.

Abatement Request Approved

You will receive an abatement certificate indicating the amount of the abatement. Your abatement will normally be credited towards your 4th payment (Due in May) If your abatement is granted after your bill is paid in full, you will automatically receive a refund check.

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