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If, after the vehicle is registered, the owner sells, trades, junks, or otherwise disposes of the vehicle and either transfers the registration to another vehicle or turns the plate in to the Registry and gets a plate return receipt, an abatement can be applied for a partial abatement of the tax.

When a tax bill is issued, an application can be obtained by calling the Assessors Department for a form to be sent or print an MV-Abatement Application from this website. The completed application should be returned to the Board of Assessors with the necessary documentation so that the abatement can be issued. If a vehicle was in an accident and totaled, a letter from the insurance company is necessary stating the date of settlement.


If a vehicle is repossessed, a letter from the company who repossessed the vehicle giving the date of repossession is necessary. If a person moves out of state and reregisters the vehicle in that new state, a copy of the new state registration is needed. Any time a vehicle is disposed of, totaled, repossessed and the plate is not transferred to another vehicle, the plate must be returned to the Registry and a plate return receipt obtained.

Lost or Stolen Plates

If the plate is lost or stolen a form C-19 which is a lost plate affidavit must be filed with the Registry of Motor Vehicles so it can be provided to the Assessors when applying for an abatement. To get an abatement, both things must happen; disposition of the vehicle and the transfer or cancellation of the plate.


  • If the vehicle is taken off the road and not sold, an abatement cannot be issued.
  • If a vehicle is sold and the plate not transferred or cancelled, an abatement cannot be issued.
  • If the vehicle is stolen and the local police are notified within 48 hours of the discovery of the theft and the certificate of registration is surrendered not less than 30 days after the theft and the registrant has received a certificate of cancellation of registration signed by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles or his authorized agent verifying that the vehicle was stolen, an abatement can be applied for. A letter from the insurance company giving the date of settlement for the loss is required.

Vehicle Exemptions

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