Fundraising Permits


Organizations that have obtained a Raffle and Bazaar permit application from the City Clerk are entitled to conduct an unlimited amount of raffles during the period the permit is valid (1 year from the date of issuance). The permit also allows a maximum of 3 Nights to be sponsored.



Phone Number:

Office of Finance
484 Broadway
Room 10
Everett, MA 02149

Monday & Thursday, 8am to 7:30pm
Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am to 5pm


The definition of a bazaar is not your local Church bazaar. The law defines a Bazaar as a casino or Las Vegas night.

State Lottery Commission

The State Lottery Commission acts strictly as a tax collector in the area of raffles and casino nights. They do not have the authority to either deny a permit or require 1 to be issued. The local licensing officials, the City Clerk and Chief of Police determine whether or not your organization is eligible for the permit under the law. If a permit is issued, the Lottery Commission is notified and will forward the appropriate tax forms.

Casino Night Regulations

There are 2 sets of regulations governing Casino Nights. If your organization does not hold a Beano license and will not be sponsoring your Casino night in a hall that holds a Beano license, the Office of the Attorney General promulgates the regulations that must be followed. The regulation is 940 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 13.00. The Lottery Commission can provide these regulations.

If your organization holds a Beano license or will be conducting your Casino Night in a hall that holds a Beano license, you are required to conform to the lottery regulations regarding Las Vegas nights. The regulation is 940 CMR 4.00. The Lottery Commission does not allow poker or night at the races.

Copies of these Regulations may be obtained from the Lottery Commission.

Please Note
Beano licensees that allow outside groups to hold Casino nights in their hall must be sure that the lottery regulations are followed. Failure of a group to follow these regulations puts its License to Conduct Beano at risk.

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