Main Street Meadows park

Project Overview

Over the next year the City will begin to transform a heat island into an oasis for native birds, butterflies, bees and neighbors! We’re putting in:

  • New sidewalk, crossings, and seating
  • Native trees, wildflowers, meadows and sensory gardens
  • Nature playscape and recreation spaces
  • Two nature-inspired murals by Everett Artist @JayLapo

The City was awarded $36,250 as part of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) 2022 COVID-Safe Cooling Strategies Grant Program to cool one of the city’s hottest heat islands next to the Sweetser Circle / RT 16 Rotary. This project will leave lasting impacts, create shade from gardens and trees to cool the area for older and young neighbors and families, and create a destination to visit, enjoy, and connect with the community.

Project History

butterfliesThe City targeted this location for cooling to provide shade and relief to older residents who are some of the most vulnerable populations during heatwaves. Everett Community Growers (ECG) was initially approached about relocating their community farm to this project site a few years ago. ECG measured summer temperatures over 110 degrees in the heat island, and declined the space for growing food. In 2021, Neighborways Design was awarded a Everett Citizen Foundation grant to install two murals on the retaining walls across from the Villa Co-op. As part of that process Neighborways hosted visioning and listening sessions for the art designs, placemaking elements, and how to improve and connect the neighborhood. Some feedback we heard included the desire for more gardens, seating, and shade.

Project Goals

The Main Street Meadow project goals are to:

  • Cool the urban heat island
  • Create a more beautiful, resilient, and connected neighborhood
  • Increase pedestrian access and safety
  • Support ecosystem restoration
  • Draw down carbon, clean air and soil pollution
  • Create sound barrier to reduce noise pollution
  • Create a vibrant public space for all to enjoy

Project Team and Resources

The City is currently working with Neighborways Design, Everett Community Growers, Diggers Cooperative, and Moyer Engineering to design a new crosswalk, sidewalk extension, murals, artistic educational signs, and urban gardens. You can review the DRAFT Concept Design below and email / submit comments to:

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Garden designs include a Miyawaki Forest, sensory garden, native pollinator garden, and wildflower meadows. Through listening sessions and feedback from the community, themes for the garden design include celebrating diversity, education, healing, local heroes, and multigenerational mentoring with youth and elders. A Miyawaki Forest is a way of more quickly restoring a resilient natural environment by starting with layered plantings of native trees, shrubs and undergrowth. The plants shelter and assist each other, growing faster and providing habitat for birds and other species.

Call to Volunteers!
Garden Mentoring Program.

We need your help! Through a garden mentor program we will support ongoing stewardship of the Main Street Meadow. We’re hosting educational opportunities to learn about native species, invasives, permaculture and ecosystem development, and garden maintenance. We’ll need support, especially during the first few years of establishing the Miyawaki Forest to ensure successful growth.

Stay in touch and get on our email list to get invited to upcoming events, garden parties, community celebrations days and more!

Project Contacts