Narcan Facts:

What is Narcan (Naloxone)?

  • Narcan is a medication that reverses an opioid overdose.
  • Narcan can be given nasally, intravenously, or through intramuscular injection by medical professionals.
  • Narcan is used by medical professionals and people who have been trained to administer.
  • Narcan works in 1-3 minutes and lasts 30-90 minutes.
  • If it takes longer than 3-5 minutes, a second dose is recommended.
  • Overdose can return, call 911 and stay with the individual until emergency personnel arrive.

Where can I get Narcan?
Speak to your medical provider to get a prescription

In Everett:

  • Walgreens Pharmacy, 317 Ferry Street, Everett
    phone: 617-389-2188, no prescription needed. 24 hour pharmacy.
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy, 405 Broadway, Everett
    phone: 617-387-0005, no prescription needed.

Other recommended sites:

  • Cambridge Needle Exchange (Phone: 617-599-0246) 359 Green Street, Cambridge, MA
  • Northeast Behavioral Health (Phone: 781-592-0243) 100 Green Street, Lynn MA
  • North Suffolk Mental Health (Phone: 617-912-7554) 265 Beach Street, Revere, MA
  • Learn 2 Cope Meetings
  • MA Substance Abuse Helpline (Phone: 800-327-5050),

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