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How do I submit a program to be shown on ECTV?

Anyone who lives or works in Everett may request channel time, free of charge, to broadcast a program. If you do not live or work in Everett, we recommend a producer to have a sponsor from Everett, so that your show can be aired. That being said, Producers and Access Users requesting airtime for a program must complete a Video Submission Form. There are no restrictions on submitted stand-alone shows; ECTV will attempt to accommodate all programs as long as the program does not interfere with the normal program schedule and the normal operation of the facility. Series programs are limited to 60 minutes in length.

The process for submitting shows are as follows:

  • Individual programs submitted for broadcast must be accompanied by a Video Submission Form.
  • Anyone request a regular broadcast slot for a series must schedule the slot with the Director or one of the ECTV Producers.
  • When possible, the person submitting the programs must deliver two to four programs for the series by dates agreed on before that time slow becomes permanent.
  • Forms must be summated in full by the twentieth of the month in order for the program to be added to the following month’s schedule.
  • Each DVD must be labeled on the spine of the case with the producer’s name, program title, series title (when applicable), and the exact length of the program.
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