Community Development & Housing


To enhance the viability of the community as a desirable place in which to live, work and recreate, through sound urban planning practices, land-use strategies and housing community and economic activities.


The City of Everett is designated as a Mini-Entitlement Community by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development’s Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG). This program helps urban communities improve conditions for low- and moderate-income residents through comprehensive planning and funding assistance. Through this program, Everett can meet a broad range of community development needs in housing, business development, physical development, downtown revitalization, and public social services through comprehensive and creative solutions to local needs.

In its efforts to preserve the existing housing supply of owner-occupied affordable housing in the City of Everett, the City has created a Housing Rehab Program, funded by the State’s Community Development Block Program (CDBG), administered through the City’s Department of Planning & Development. This Home Improvement Program provides technical and financial assistance to residents who have limited means but wish to bring their residents up to code and possibly make improvements to their home in order to maintain the residence as their primary residence. Additionally, rental units in owner-occupied properties may be brought up to code and improved, with the understanding that the owner shall rent those units to low-income households for an affordable rent for the term of 15 years. Staff in the Department of Planning & Development assist in providing rehabilitation specialist services to determine the repairs, upgrades, and renovations necessary (code compliance), develop work scopes, contracts, bidding support, and provide oversight of the construction process.

The First-Time Home Buyer’s Program offers first-time home buyer down payment/closing cost assistance loans to income-eligible applicants purchasing a condominium, single-family property or two-family property. The program is funded by the North Suburban Consortium (NSC). DPD staff assist residents with the application process and submittal requirements in order to be considered for NSC funding.


Matt Lattanzi
Director of Planning & Development
[email protected]

Phone Number:

484 Broadway
Room 25
Everett, MA 02149

Monday & Thursday, 8am to 7:30pm
Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am to 5pm

Forms and Applications

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ADA Self Assessment and Transition Plan

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CLEANAIR in Everett

Learn about a 3-year experiment about air quality being conducted in Everett by MyRWA and funded by the EPA!

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Conservation Commission

The Everett Conservation Commission is a five member board which oversees the protection of wetlands and other water bodies in the city.

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Department of Transportation and Mobility

To provide necessary guidance and vision to make transportation access within the City and to its surrounding communities safe, efficient and accessible for all residents.

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Everett Community Food Assessment & Plan

This Plan assesses the strengths and weaknesses of Everett’s food system and is meant to compel and guide action by municipal officials and staff, allied community organizations and their members, and all Everett residents for whom public health and equity is a priority.

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Everett First Time Homebuyers’ Resources

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Everett Riverfront Vision Plan

The City of Everett has been working with Shadley Associates on the Everett Riverfront Vision Plan. This plan is a follow-up to the 2017 Malden River Greenway Vision Plan completed by the Mystic River Watershed Association with the cities of Everett, Malden and Medford and Friends of the Malden River. The City of Everett would like your feedback about the Vision Plan and about overall public engagement.

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Everett Roadway Safety Action Plan

In September 2022, the Mayor set a goal to end traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. To take steps to achieve this goal, the City of Everett has created this Safety Action Plan to provide information and direction on strategies and treatments most likely to improve roadway safety performance within the city.

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Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) main goal is to make geographic information readily available in order to improve the efficiency of municipal services.

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Hazard Mitigation Plan

The City of Everett is updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP). The primary purpose of the HMP Plan Update is to help the City and community better prepare for natural disasters. A draft of the HMP 2021 Plan Update is now available for review and public comment. Please submit public comments to Tom Philbin – City of Everett Conservation Agent at [email protected] by 12 PM on Monday, August 2, 2021.

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Planning Board

The Planning Board is a five member body whose duties include regulating the subdivision of land, reviewing and making recommendations on zoning changes, creating and updating the City’s Master Plan, approving (or disapproving) applications for certain kinds of Special Permits and approving (or disapproving) applications for Site Plan Review.

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Documents, forms, and applications that pertain to the Department of Planning and Development.

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Request For Interest

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