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How do I reserve portable equipment?

  • Access Users may reserve portable equipment no more than four weeks in advance and no later than three business days in advance.
  • Portable equipment may be taken out for up to forty-eight hours at a time and for up to six non-consecutive periods, not to exceed six days, per finished program.
  • The person who reserves equipment must pick it up and return it, unless ECTV staff approves alternate arrangements in advanced.
  • When signing out equipment, an ECTV staff member fills out and initials an Equipment Check-Out Form. Before taking the equipment, the borrower must verify that Equipment Check Out Form lists all the items they are taking and contains everything the shoot will require. Access Users are encouraged to set up and test equipment before leaving the building. Access Users must sign the Equipment Check-Out Form before leaving ECTV premises.
  • Access Users must return equipment at the time written on the Equipment Check-Out Form. Access users cannot borrow additional equipment until they have returned all items in good working order or have paid ECTV an assessment that ECTV may levy against borrowers equipment damages.
  • All Access Users and Producers are responsible for the equipment that is listed on the Equipment Check-Out Form. ECTV will ensure that all equipment is in working order. A Producer or Access User is responsible for all damage to, or theft of equipment, excluding normal wear and tear. The Producer must notify ECTV immediately upon any occurrence of damage, malfunction, or theft.
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