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How I reserve studio and editing time?

Studio & Control Room Use:

  • Once an individual has completed a workshop course, they are allowed to reserve time in the studio and control room no more than four weeks in advance and no later than five business days in advance. Regular series Access Users may establish a regular studio reservation schedule with ECTV.
  • Access Users use the studio up to four times per program, per month. With a maximum of four hours of studio use per month.
  • All reservations must be received in writing either by email, fax, mail or in person.
  • The producer of record must be present for all studio sessions.
  • Access Users must check in and out with the staff person on call when using the studio. After each studio use, the person who made the reservation must fill out a studio checkout form, and give it to the staff person on call.
  • No Access User may use office space or equipment without specific authorization by staff.
  • All in studio production must include the ECTV standard disclaimer. No show will air without this disclaimer placed at the beginning and end of the show.
  • ECTV staff is available for technical or production advice, suggestions or assistance. ECTV staff is NOT responsible and/or obligated to support or supervise an Access Users’ production.

Editing Use:

  • ECTV uses Final Cut Pro editing software. Training will be offered later this summer. Upon certification, an Access User may reserve to edit in studio no more than four weeks in advance. They may use up to twenty-four hours of edit time for any program. Access Users may reserve up to two hours of edit time per day, with a maximum of six hours per week per program.
  • All reservations must be received in writing either by email, fax, mail or in person.
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